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Are kathy griffin and woz dating

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Can you imagine the conversations between the two of them? I usually filter out her voice when she pops on TV. These people haven't been out of their parent's basement for years. actually, I'm not sure what she'd be talking about. With a mind like that I'd say he deserves a nice peice of ass. I could handle someone who's just obnoxious, but when they take a situation and say 'what's the most annoying thing I can do here', that's when old Mission of Burma plays in my head... All of this he kept in a spiral bound notebook, written in ink with no whiteout or scribbling down the margin. She's ugly like she's the third generation in her family of ugly. Somehow I just see her shrieking at Woz and bullying him and constantly being crazy. It was like she was wearing this suit of wattled flesh. Kathy Griffin has carefully sculpted her entire persona about being a biatch and obnoxious. He's an asshole.3) I would be great friends with Kathy Griffin, but I would not fark her. The Woz wrote the OS for the original Apple computer in assembly language on paper, hand coding it to machine language. She's ugly like she's trained by the armed forced to be ugly. FTFYRead it again....."good for her if she can get with someone as wealthy as this guy""Its about happiness in the end anyway. She's like a manly version of carrot top What with Sigfried and Roy coming out we can all thank god that carrot top will NEVER turn out to be gay. She may have other good qualities but there is still something about her that comes off like nails on glass. Her legs were these horrific, lumpy sausages with rippling masses of cellulite, which was odd because she wasn't that huge. Where she was, indeed, hittable.'Cept one was generally pretty amusing, and one had Brooke Shields.D-List comedienne Kathy Griffin is rumored to be dating Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.Griffin, who divorced former husband Matt Moline last year, reportedly met millionaire Wozniak after he watched her stand-up show last month.

Griffin, who split from former husband Matt Moline last year, met millionaire Wozniak after he watched her stand-up show last month.The couple did reveal that they met in Saratoga where Wozniak came to see Griffin perform. ” [From US Weekly] People are saying that Wozniak isn’t much to look at, but I would take an average-looking good guy who is successful any day over a hot one who can’t rub two sticks together. Kathy Griffin picture from the Emmys thanks to PRPhotos.Remember the first season of that stupid dating show “Average Joe” from 2003? After that he gave her dog a basket of gifts which she thought was a joke. Wozniak has been married three times and has three children, while Griffin split from her former husband Matt Moline, a computer technician, last year. girlfriend and celebrity kathy griffin took him to the opening of diablos cantina in las vegas on saturday and showed off the goods. Apple cofounder steve wozniak was being his fascinating self again this morning revealing in an interview with dutch newspaper de telegraaf that the company he helped get off the ground actually developed a smartphone in partnership with a wellknown japanese electronics company as early as 2004 but shelved the project prior to its debut via engadget. i could handle someone whos just obnoxious but when they take a situation and say whats the most annoying thing i can do here thats when old mission of burma plays in my head...