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The hospital scheme is named ‘Angel Eyes’ and specific to premature newborns, where parents are able to see their infants through their mobile screens – anytime, anywhere.Sam Last, a soldier and a father was able to reap the benefits of the ‘Angel Eyes’ scheme – he was able to make up for all the time lost while he was deployed to Iraq on military service.

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He asked me to set it up at his new house, and wanting to monitor them with any available media (computer, tv and mobile)So he bought this Angeleyes 16 channel H2.64 DVR along with 7 ip cameras. He use his Linksys WRT54G router (already flashed with DD-WRT firmware) to connect to a cable modem.

Interchangeable mobile phone batteries allow for prolonged use while out and about.

Charge the Angel Eye by connecting to the USB of your computer or with the battery cradle.

Here are the settings i set up on them: The cameras- I set a static IP to each of them and goes like - All of them keep their default http port which is port 80- For rtsp connection their default ports are 554, i didn't change any of them Connected all of them to the router with LAN cable Checked one by one through local connection with computer browser (firefox, IE, chrome)All is working perfectly.

I can view the camera feeds/streaming and can configure the settings in them The DVR- Made some settings so it accept input from the IP cameras- Default IP is (not changed)- Default Mobile view port 34599 (not changed)- Default HTTP port 80 (not changed)- Default Web port 34567 (not changed)HDMI connected to TVLAN port connected to the router I can see all camera feed from the TV, and can go to it with the computer by internet browser locally to 192.168.1., and accessing it with it's own software (CMS 3) which is using port 34567.